The TAB Program (Nation-wide)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's TAB Program funds technical assistance to communities and other stakeholders on brownfields issues with the goal of increasing the community's understanding and involvement in brownfield cleanup and revitalization, and helping to move brownfields sites forward toward cleanup and reuse. Kansas State University received a grant to provide TAB services in EPA Regions 5, 6, 7 and 8. For more information about EPA's National TAB Program and TAB services to EPA Regions 1-4 and 9-10, click here.


The TAB Program at Kansas State University

KSU TAB assistance is tailored to the specific needs of your community and is usually coordinated through the city, tribal or non-profit brownfields project manager. For information about how KSU TAB can provide specific assistance to your brownfields program, call Blase Leven at 785-532-0780 or email baleven@ksu.edu.
KSU TAB Program Brochure (PDF)


KSU TAB organizes and assists with a variety of brownfields workshops in EPA Regions 5, 6, 7 and 8. Workshops address a wide range of brownfields issues and can be tailored to community need. To sign up for planned workshops, webinars and to access self-paced courses click on the Education tab above. To plan an event, call Sheree Walsh, TAB Event Coordinator, at 785-532-6519, or email chsr@ksu.edu.


Sustainability Aspects of Brownfields Redevelopment

Sustainability means many things to many people. It commonly involves meeting mutually beneficial economic, social and environmental goals, over long periods of time.

Sustainability has become more and more important in all aspects of redevelopment. The TAB (Technical Assistance to Brownfields communities) program at Kansas State University is assisting communities with revitalization of brownfield sites and can also assist with aspects of sustainable redevelopment.

If your community is interested in a work session to assess needs, refine goals, or obtain general information on brownfields-related topics, please contact us.

Blase Leven, TAB Coordinator, baleven@ksu.edu, 785-532-0780


How effective is TAB?

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