KSU Tribal TAB Program

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Providing "Technical Assistance to Brownfields" to all U.S. Federally Recognized Tribes - including Alaska tribes and their communities!
A National Program funded by EPA via a grant to Kansas State University
Tribal TAB Team:
A team of professionals and experienced staff with knowledge of 128(a) Tribal Response Programs (TRPs) and Brownfields and related topics and issues, and having tribal backgrounds and experience that understand brownfields issues in a tribal context.
Free assistance to the Tribal Response Program (TRP) brownfields efforts, coordinated through the tribal TRP-Brownfields coordinator or Environmental Program Manager.
Training sessions at conferences: ITEP-TLEF and ATCEM/AFE
Workshops & Roundtables
RTOC meetings
Local Tribe meetings
Tribal Mentors
Requests for assistance accepted on a 'first come' basis. No application process, just contact us!
Contact the KSU Team Leaders:
Scott Nightingale, Director, scottnight@ksu.edu, (785) 532-6028
Mickey Hartnett, Co-Director, mickeyh@ksu.edu or envirofields@gmail.com, (605) 721-8088
Blase Leven, KSU TAB Program Director, baleven@ksu.edu, (785) 532-0780

*More information on our Tribal services can be found a quick fact sheet here:  Quick Tribal TAB Fact Sheet