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Welcome to TAB EZ
(Technical Assistance to Brownfields (TAB) easy brownfields grant application (EZ) software program)

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TAB EZ provides a template, configured for the type of Assessment or Cleanup proposal you are writing, to draft your proposal. Drafts can be exported to an MSWord (.doc) file for final editing and packaging before submittal. Using the TAB EZ tool is not a substitute for reading the grant guidelines! While we put a lot of information from the EPA grant guidelines into TAB EZ, there is also information we did not include.

As of October 1, TAB EZ was updated to reflect the FY18 ARC Guidelines
Proposals are due November 16, 2017 by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time

Users writing in TAB EZ before the update should export their drafts to an MSWord file as soon as possible, using the button at bottom of the proposal outline screen. After TAB EZ has been updated users should enter (or copy/paste) content into a new TAB EZ template created for the FY18 competition.



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KSU TAB can provide free review of your draft EPA Assessment, Revolving Loan Fund and Cleanup proposals for EPA Regions 5, 6, 7 & 8*. Please give us a one-week heads-up that you will be sending a draft to review. It generally takes us a few days to get the proposals back to you. Our review is free of charge. Please contact Blase Leven, baleven@ksu.edu, to reserve your spot!

*For reviews in EPA Regions 1,3 & 4, please contact the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), http://www.njit.edu/tab/index.php.
*For reviews in EPA Regions 2, 9 & 10, please contact the Center for Creative Land Recycling (CCLR), http://www.cclr.org/technical-assistance.

What is TAB EZ?

TAB EZ is a grant writing tool to be used to write EPA brownfields Assessment and Cleanup grant proposals*. The proposal templates are updated each year when EPA publishes the new grant application guidelines. Updated TAB EZ templates are typically available within 2 weeks after the date the guidelines are published.

What TAB EZ can do:

TAB EZ creates an outline of your responses for each item in the guidelines criteria for your proposal and provides strategies and links to references and helpful hints to help you reduce time in writing the proposal.

What TAB EZ can not do:

TAB EZ cannot write a specific and compelling proposal for you. Clearly explaining your specific need for funding and your project plans is something that only you can do. Before you submit your proposal(s), please ensure all necessary documents are included in your submittal package as specified in section IV.C Content and Form of Proposal Submission in the proposal guidelines.

Web Browser:  

We recommend using either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome when working in TAB EZ.

Be sure to view the 'Please Read!' in your proposal outline (the very first item) 
for information on the EPA ARC Guidelines and using TAB EZ to prepare your proposal.

If you need any assistance accessing or using TAB EZ,
please contact Sheree Walsh, chsr@ksu.edu, 785-532-6519.