TAB Program

TAB provides free technical assistance to communities and other stakeholders with brownfields redevelopment efforts

Free Technical Assistance to Local, Tribal, and State Brownfields Efforts

Workshops, Webinars and Online Training Overview

Select Workshops, Webinars or Online Training under the 'Education' tab (above) to view available opportunities. Log into your TAB account to register for a workshop, webinar or online course.


TAB Brownfields workshops, webinars and online training are FREE and designed to help you:

  • gain a better understanding of what a Brownfield is,
  • learn how Brownfield revitalization can be a part of your community’s economic development strategy,
  • and hear from local, state and national leaders on resources available to your community.


These events are attended by peers from other locations, and play a key role in sharing information and cultivating relationships among stakeholders in communities. Workshops, webinars and online courses are typically conducted by TAB, state and federal employees and other associates who can give site-specific follow-on assistance. These events have been shown to promote interest and activity in brownfields redevelopment. Learn about available events and courses by selecting Workshops, Webinars or Online Training under Education. Log into your TAB account to register for an event or online course.

Online Tools Overview

The Brownfield Inventory Tool (BIT) is a FREE, online, comprehensive site inventory and brownfields program management tool. BIT was designed especially for users working under an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cooperative agreement, but any entity working on establishing a site inventory database will find BIT useful in consolidating environmental and administrative information from sites in multiple programs.


Learn about BIT by selecting BIT under Resources. Use BIT by logging into your TAB account and selecting BIT under Online Tools.


TAB EZ is a FREE online tool intended to streamline and simplify the grant writing process when applying for EPA brownfields assessment and cleanup grants. TAB EZ is very user friendly,  offers helpful hints for addressing proposal requirements, and links to additional resources.


Learn about TAB EZ by selecting TAB EZ under Resources. Use TAB EZ by logging into your TAB account and selecting TAB EZ under Online Tools.



The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announces the availability of an estimated $50 million to address brownfield properties and areas

Proposals must be submitted via by November 16, 2017

TAB can provide a free review of your draft EPA proposals for those applying in EPA Regions 5, 6, 7 & 8. Email Blase Leven ( to reserve your spot!

Please check back for dates and to sign up for the free training webinars on ARC Proposal Guidelines and using TAB EZ which will be held in the near future.

TAB EZ will be updated to reflect the new proposal guidelines on or before October 1st. An announcement will be sent out, and will also be posted to our home page and in the "Please Read" section of TAB EZ, when the update is complete.
(Users currently writing in TAB EZ should export their drafts to an MSWord file as soon as possible, using the button at bottom of the proposal outline screen. After TAB EZ has been updated users should enter (or copy/paste) content into a new TAB EZ template created for the FY17 competition.)



KSU TAB receives award for Technical Assistance to Tribal Communities


* Upcoming TAB workshops and webinars
* December 5-7, 2017   EPA's 2017 National Brownfields Training Conference. Pittsburgh, PA



EPA Brownfields Funding Opportunities:
*   Brownfields Toolbox
*   EPA Smart School Siting Tool
*  CNTHT (H+T®) Affordability Index
*   CDFA Rural Financing Best Practices Guide (PDF)
*   Smart Growth America
*   Smart Growth Network
*   USDA Rural Development

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